Dns Cache Poisoning

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We always get a trusty bootable USB flash drive with us to solve computer problems, but what if a PC’s BIOS won’t let us boot from USB?  There is a way which will help you to make use of CD to boot from USB drive.


The Linux File System One must Opt

The Linux file system support is drastically different from Windows and OS X. In Windows and OS X you can find software that will add support for non-standard file systems, but both operating systems can only be installed on their native file system and third party support is added after the fact. Linux on the other hand has a vast array of supported file systems built into the kernel. But how are you supposed to know which file system to pick when installing?


Puff Up the Battery Life of Your Android Phones

For all those people who have got a shiny new Android phone, suffers from just one problem: you’re so addicted that the battery runs out on a daily basis. Instead of putting the phone down, this blog will indeed help you to maximize i.e. puff up the battery life of your phone. Saving your phone’s battery is to get rid of the things that are draining the battery the most, and trim down other things that you need to use, but maybe can tweak a little.



Group Policy is a Windows feature that contains a variety of advanced settings, particularly for network administrators. However, local Group Policy can also be used to adjust settings on a single computer. Group Policy isn’t designed for home users, so it’s only available on Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise versions of Windows.